Treasured Moments.

Take those baby fingers and hold tight. Just a year ago I took this photo and my baby girl already has grown so much. It goes by so fast. I will treasure these little moments forever.img_20160530_202436


Tea for Two.

Two more years have gone by. Emma is a blessing to our family.

The morning of her birthday, we had balloons, donuts, opened gifts, and made cupcakes.

At work, we celebrated with grandma and uncle Nathan. (grandpa was at a meeting, but she missed him because she asked where he was.) We ate pizza and opened up some great gifts.

Cousin Eli called Emma and sang Happy Birthday to her. (we wish that was recorded)

We had a little tea party for her on the night of her birthday.

It was a special celebration for Emma. I think we had fun too. 🙂


Life’s Treasure

Life’s Treasure.

A little like a slightly torn treasure map searching and yearning to find it’s treasure. There is a reward that is known, but getting there takes a lot of work, knowledge, commitment and love for the end result.

Isn’t it a little like our passion for Heaven and the rewards there? You gain the relationship with Christ and strive for that reward. You know the reward is there, but you want to get there by working hard, gaining knowledge, committing to Christ, and loving his word.