I like to say blogging is my “writing” career pursuit that never happened….My goal as a high school and college student  was to write a book. Specifically a children’s book. My lack of patience and pursuance has gotten me no where, but here…

I have come to the realization that a book may never happen, but that is just fine with me. I used to write. A lot. BUT it is amazing how priorities change. In a good way. I have a family now and they take up all of my time. Which is a huge blessing.

So my priority is no longer writing a book. Because my main goal in life is to honor God with my whole heart. As hard as this is on a daily basis, I must remember he sustains and gets us through it. I think one day I may have an opportunity to pursue a book, but I may not. Here I am. Filling that void with a blog. To write creatively and passionately.

So, let this journey begin. Whether you choose to follow me, learn life with me, or happen to stumble across this site, thank you. This is the closest I will get to a children’s book. For now, my blog allows me to write about things I passionately love.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

-Joshua 25:15






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